Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Drusy!

I've had this piece of beautiful gray drusy hangin' out on my work bench for so long, not knowing what to do with it. I finally took the plunge and am quite pleased with the outcome! I love the shape and angles of the stone.


  1. ok... you know I love your work and think your blog is the diggity bomba! That being said, I love the steel grey drusy ring but the nail polish looks a little like gangrene :p Sorry but I just had to let you know. It looks like you smashed your fingernails while building the ring. I'm all for colored polishes in different shades but that one may need a rethink. Again... Love You!!!

  2. for reals?! ok, ill make sure not to photograph rings when I'm wearing it! Mustn't scare away customers! Thanks for the feedback!