Thursday, August 12, 2010


Things that have happened in the past two days:

Ben and Rachel moved to Boston.
Ben got a job in DC.
Ben proposed.
Ben and Rachel are moving to DC.

Needless to say, things are crazy, exciting, adorable, stressful, and adorable. I don't have any cute pictures yet or a specific ring per say, but these things shall be rectified this weekend! More deets to come, just wanted you all to know why I hadn't posted anything exciting lately!


  1. Congratulations! My sister works in DC and lives in Arlington, VA. My uncle owns a restaurant there also. They love DC!

  2. this is the best picture i've ever taken. love everything about this post!

  3. thanks tina!! i hope i like it there!

    and i forgot you took that picture, rachel! its a treasure.