Friday, August 13, 2010


Have you ever been so stressed out and confused that you don't even know what to do with yourself? I have so many things I need to do but somehow all I can manage is to sit on the couch, waste time on the computer, and watch Desperate Housewives. What's wrong with me?

Things I accomplished today:

-Made a cup of instant Starbucks coffee (I had a battle with the french press, and the french press won.)

-Had a panic attack about having to pack everything again.

- Started to move things off of tables and into little piles to make things look more organized, when really they just made things more messy.

- Almost finished a weird blob of rain drops pendant that I'll take pictures of soon.

- Organized things for the craft fair on Sunday (see you there?)
1. And then panicked that I don't have enough jewelry/I'm forgetting important things.

Until you all shower me with encouragement and words of wisdom, I'm just going to stay sitting on this couch, thinking about eating Pad Thai. Is that ok?


  1. everything will work out! Don't worry - moving is the most stressful time. You have a lot to be happy and excited about and things will calm down in no time! Good luck1 Can't wait to see what new things you make!

    I love my necklace and ring

  2. You'll make it! The craft fair is going to GREAT! Everyone is going to love your amazing jewelry, and pour compliments all over your booth! And don't worry, the moving will be over before you know it.

  3. Listen. I don't even know you and am fairly new to the blogging world. I am incredibly hard to please at times and very opinionated. I don't even like to have female friends because most of the females I have come across get on my last nerve. BUT, I accidentally stumbled onto your blog and was totally smitten with your jewelry! It is adorable and quirky and I plan on purchasing a piece or two when I decide which ones will work best for me. Shake it off, enjoy yourself with whatever is happening at this point in your life and SMILE! Enjoy the craziness and embrace it! Big hugs!

  4. thanks everyone!!! i'm off bright and early to the craft show now! (SO EARLY). And thanks also Tina, that means a lot to me!