Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Oh, hello there.

Greetings from Mt. Pleasant, DC! Ben and I came down for a couple days to look at an apartment building near by. It has a pool on the roof! Snazzy. So instead of panicking about wedding locations (it feels so weird to rush to reserve some place for a wedding more than a year away), we're focusing on finding an apartment. I think we found one, so now we're just relaxing in a house full of friends.

At the airport, I bought a Real Simple wedding magazine, and when I was paying, the cashier said, "Are you getting married?"

And I said "Yes, but I'm mostly getting this $14.00 magazine because it comes with a free subscription."

And she said, "I can tell you'll make a good wife."

It was cute.

Anyway, it's maybe the best magazine I ever purchased, and there are no ads, and it's beautiful and has check lists and great ideas. I'm also thinking of pears for a possible theme, and the inviation would say, "We make a great pear!"

Right? Right?!

Anyway, it's rainy out here in DC, and we are waiting to see if the people who put a "soft hold" on our dream venue (i'll tell you later, i don't want to jinx it) on our dream date will chicken out and we can get it. Fingers crossed!

Also, how adorable an idea is is to print invites on vintage hankies?!

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