Thursday, June 30, 2011

Adventures with Spin Pins

Over the weekend I learned about the Spin Pin by Goody from my friend Julia who was using it.

I. am. in. love.

Come with me on a photographic Spin Pin journey...

Look how happy I am! Look at those weird, whispy bangs!

First, gather a high pony tail. But only if you are wearing my pink crystal ring.

Just sitting here with a funny look on my face as I twist my pony.

"arrrggg" now make that face and spin it into a bun.

See? It's a bun.

Then you spin on pin into the bun on one side. And then spin the other pink going in the opposite direction on the other side!

My bangs are less weird!




Only use the spin pin if you are watching Kathy Lee and Hoda.

It's really hard to take a photo of the back of your head.

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