Monday, June 20, 2011

My negative 5 minutes of fame

Well gang, this weekend I did something funny.

I auditioned for a Project Runway spin-off, Project Accessory.

It was in New York, and we were going to Westchester for Ben's grandmother's 92nd birthday party anyway, so I figured I'd give it a go.

I had a special arm band because I spoke to some people before on the phone, and they loved my song.  
Here I am waiting, with a weird smile.

 The whole thing was strange and surreal, and I ended up singing a VERY awkward few verses of the song. But the judges were clapping to give me a beat, and they were clapping very slowly, so it was just me basically saying "I...Like.....To....Make....Jewelry....All....Day...." and then they stopped me.

BUT long story short, they said that if I expand my pieces and work on a bigger collection (whatever that means), I could get on next season and probably win.

Which is pretty great, since I might not have been able to get married had I gotten on!

So, that was my weekend.

Also, how sweet is this green chandelier? It's hanging in Ben's grammy's house.

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