Monday, June 6, 2011

Funny article

I was just interviewed for a little story on the website!

"The uke burbles. The egg-shaker rattles. And Rachel Pfeffer warbles about the joys of metallurgy.

"I'll grind and torch and sandpaper all day," she sings in "Jewelry All Day," a song she recorded with her friends Steve Kolowich and Noah Bein to celebrate her selection as Etsy's featured seller this week. The lyrics, she says, came to her while brushing her teeth. Bein suggested ukulele accompaniment, and the song was forged.

"I have some regrets: That I didn't brush my hair or put on makeup," Pfeffer, who is 24, says. She made the video herself, "balancing the Flip cam on chairs" and dancing with her hammer. So far, she thinks, it's working: "I've gotten like six orders so far," today, she says, and another blog has reached out about doing a product review.

Pfeffer, who moved to D.C. in September, has been making jewelry full-time for the past year and a half or so. She has a facility for marketing, she says, and "figured if I could write a funny jewelry song, I thought it could give me some buzz."

She played clarinet in high school band, but Pfeffer's only experience in independent music production before this video was in her eighth grade band Sugar Chicken, a band whose work the Internet is not able to produce easily.

Her attempts to convince her father, a jeweler in Greenfield, Mass. (which may be the jewelry capital of the Connecticut River valley, seriously, check it out on Google Maps) to use the song in his commercials have so far been unsuccessful, Pfeffer says. "Maybe I'll license the lyrics to him," she muses. Her parents like the song, Pfeffer says, adding that her mother's "dream come true is for me to be in a klezmer band." This may be as close as that dream gets."

Hahahha, thanks Andrew!!

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