Monday, March 19, 2012

good mornin'!

Oh hellooooooo! First and foremost, I wanted to thank everyone who entered my contest and did such a great job spreading the word- I really really appreciate it! And will definitely be having a new one soon!

In other news, I haven't blogged in forever. And I'm terribly sorry. I'm sure everyone is devastated. Allow me to fill you in on recent events:

I just got back from a trip home to mass. with the hubby, which was great, except for a little stomach bug/food poisoning incident that sort of ruined one night and half a day. But still great! 

I've been having a few little wholesale orders here and there which is a real thrill, and I love doing. And have  a bunch of orders to catch up on now. AND am going to be doing Fab again shortly with some new items, so I need to finish all of those pieces to photograph.

OH and my wallet was stolen last week, but I finally have all of my new cards back and such. So I have to do a bunch of stuff to make sure my info everywhere is correct.

This is more of a to-do list than an interesting update on my life. Sorry!

What else??

I don't know! It's basically summer in DC now- winter and spring sort of skipped us. Which is great! More skirts and dresses to wear! Though I did just buy a heavy pair of BLACK madewell jeans, which I love. They are high waisted and sort of tight on my stomach so I always feel like I'm full, which means I don't eat so much. So that's sort of like a little diet secret. Anyway, they are WARM and aren't the best for hot summer days I don't think. But I do love them. and now it makes me only want to buy expensive fancy clothing. But all I really want still are Target dresses.

Ok. So now that everyone knows how crazy I really am, I'm going to get my ess ache (H?) eye tee together  and get the day started! Who's with me?!!!?!!!?

Since you need SOME pictures in a blog post. here is one of Ben holding a weird aligator mask that was in his house-

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  1. I always spell the letter H "aitch"... It's how my pappy always got me to say it like an English person rather than an Irish lass...