Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The trouble with trouble

One of the hardest parts about running your own biz, I've decided as of yesterday, is figuring out when to do what. Should I make labels first, then finish the orders? Finish up wholesale orders, take pictures, or and then go to the post office??? WHEN DO I EAT MY ENGLISH MUFFIN. Anyway, what ends up happening is that I sit on the couch staring at Gray's Anatomy, trying to figure out what would be the most efficient order of tasks, which is funny because that's not efficient at all!

Anyway, maybe if I list what I need to do today I'll stick to a schedule better.

1. Ben is making hard boiled eggs. Eat one.
2. Stay on couch, make shipping labels for all orders going out today (tip: it helps motivate you to finish all of your orders because the shipping labels are done!)
3. Make orders for today:

a. blue crystal necklace
b. honeycomb
c. bike w hearts
d. mini honeycomb
c. pack drusy ring (wait to hear size???)
e. camera

And after those are done, work on DC tie bars for Ginger Root, send a honeycomb ring to that store, finish those white drusy heart rings and email people, oooh that black pink heart ring (don't mess up the hearts!!!), finish that mini camera....ok!

I also started some darling little drusy pendants yesterday with pearls on top that I cannot wait to finish, so hopefully those will be up later! I finished photos for my sale coming up, too- Julia was kind enough to sit on a porch and let me take pics! Here's a sneak peak:

soooooo i hope this was interesting. if not, tough cookies! bye!


  1. Hi there! Thought I should let you know that I'm your new number one fan. It would be weird if I didn't mention that, right? I mean, how would you otherwise know? =)

    Kidding. Sort of. Your blog is brilliantly funny and off the cuff, and I'm glad I clicked through! Your work, of course, is also really inspiring.



    ps. found you via Project Treasury. =)

  2. Hi Dianna!!!! This comment made by day, thanks so much for writing!!! Happy to know you are reading!!! Hooray for Project T!