Tuesday, January 28, 2014

oh hi

more like yawn of the union!

jk. its pretty good. i guess. i don't even know.

anyhoo, have you heard about our new website called pillowords?!?!!?!


I had a weird day of not leaving the apartment until i met ben in the BASEMENT to get tacos.

That's right. the basement. I never took of my pj pants. Mind you they are black and red plaid and adorable, but still. It's a little embarrassing.

I'm also out of K-cups, so I basically had the worst day of my life.

I did make some new rings though!

And realized the my new ear cuffs make pretty rad pinky knuckle rings!



HELLOOOO. are you not absolutely shocked and amazed and in love?

sooooo thats it! i might just venture into the world tomorrow. its just so cold that i get nervous i won't make it to the post office. but i always do. 

Also, as I sit in the ugliest recliner that we took from Ben's dad's old office's basement, I dream of what chair I would like to put in its place. Heres a sampling:

eh its too hard. i found another one but i can't copy and past the image. so. lets just stare at this one forever.

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