Thursday, January 30, 2014

New Series

I like having lots of things. Lots of things on the walls, lots of different pretty mugs, lots of….sunglasses?

Anyway. I thought it would be fun to start sharing these little collections and the stories behind them.

Let's start with wall hangings, shall we? Ben says we have too many but I think IMPOSSIBLE.

We shall begin in the hallway.


I picked up these little frames in a crafty shop in Iceland last april. The french man and lady in the frames are just what comes in them as examples but i LOVE THEM. The gal says Tres Chic and the gentleman said Monsieur. They were like $2 each.

This dude is some weird painted wooden wall hanging puppet thing of the mayor of Reykjavik! You pull the string and his legs and arms move up and down. Wise purchase? Yes. Expensive? Yes. 

I bought Ben this Winslow Homer print from the Phillips Collection a year ago or so. The gold sparkle frame was from Michaels recently, they had a million on sale for like $2. 

Our pie toppers from the wedding!

Emily and I got this weird cartoon of us drawn at the NPR holiday craft show that we were selling at. The guy doing it drew it on a tablet and then printed it there. We look like weird moms. 

A craft fair gem.

Our neighbor and coincidental owner of Sharp Shirter gave us this as a holiday gift! He has one in his living room I always loved. 

Ben bought the Tin Tin print on the left in Spain (? maybe?)

The weird pink worm on the right is from when we were living in Boston after college and I was intent on making Ben want to be more crafty, so I made him paint something. That is what he painted. 

Very awesome paintings we got from a friend at our wedding.

The summer after graduation in 2008, me, Ben, and our friend Steve went on a VERY long 3 month road trip around the country. I bailed in San Fran (i'm only human). As a birthday gift to Ben, Steve made this amazing framed artwork featuring a map of our journey and photos. 

An old tag sale find from western mass that we just can't seem to shake. 

Once for a birthday present I got Ben a weird computerized portrait of his beloved Camry that is no longer with us. 

A new acquisition- Pleasant Pops print! I've slowly lost two tacks out of the right side. Not too good. Need to get a frame. 

Our favorite rooster scarf which hangs above the couch! By Elizabeth Graeber

A super fun Bette poster I got from Smash in Adams Morgan because I liked how it went with...

Our beloved Bob Dylan poster I stole from my dad's album once.

Ben got the tree painting very early in our relationship which I love. Potato with lots of eyes is from a craft fair. 

Fun vintage map from tag sale a long time ago.

More Etsy/craft fair finds.

Cute beard painting from craft fair, and a Levon Helm print we found at a local craft fair last year. We had gone to that concert so it was super exciting! 

Solid Sound poster. From last year's Solid Sound festival.

Random tag sale find from a long time ago. I spotted it once in the office of Glen Close in Damages and almost died. 

My favorite fish that Emily got us from Nova Scotia for our wedding.

Another wedding gift from my old rookie Rachel (more for me than Ben) and a post card I bought from Merci in Paris. The only thing I could afford.  

And that's about it! Any questions????? 

next some day eventually maybe….FAVORITE MUGS.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

oh hi

more like yawn of the union!

jk. its pretty good. i guess. i don't even know.

anyhoo, have you heard about our new website called pillowords?!?!!?!


I had a weird day of not leaving the apartment until i met ben in the BASEMENT to get tacos.

That's right. the basement. I never took of my pj pants. Mind you they are black and red plaid and adorable, but still. It's a little embarrassing.

I'm also out of K-cups, so I basically had the worst day of my life.

I did make some new rings though!

And realized the my new ear cuffs make pretty rad pinky knuckle rings!



HELLOOOO. are you not absolutely shocked and amazed and in love?

sooooo thats it! i might just venture into the world tomorrow. its just so cold that i get nervous i won't make it to the post office. but i always do. 

Also, as I sit in the ugliest recliner that we took from Ben's dad's old office's basement, I dream of what chair I would like to put in its place. Heres a sampling:

eh its too hard. i found another one but i can't copy and past the image. so. lets just stare at this one forever.

Thursday, January 23, 2014


Last night I was endless flipping through tv channels at around 10:30, as is my want, when I stumbled up on Broad City! I had seen someone instagram about it earlier in the day, but had no idea what it was.


It's about two girls living in new york and they are funny.

That's them.  Go watch some online episodes until it coms on again next week. 


Sunday, January 19, 2014

A little wall pick me up

Already I failed at blogging every day.


I went to Staples today and in a moment of weakness, bought this delightful product from the one and only Martha Stewart, along with these and this.

This is what it's supposed to look like:

But this is what mine looks like:

Clearly I have some work to do, a one thousand more hooks and shelves to buy. It's such a great design! And has a little built in bubble level in the back of the mounting piece!! and little sticky circles so you can stick it to the wall as you are nailing it in place!!! THANKS MARTHA!

While Ben's been watching football all day, I dabbled in some new designs. Like an ear cuff:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


hey guess what! i remembered i have a blog, and i'm going to actually blog. Like, maybe every day. I'll finally write about what its really like to run two businesses from home, how to be your own boss, how to not become a hunchback typing on your computer all day on the couch in front of Switched at Birth Episodes.


so, what do you want to know? Do people still read this? I hope so. Because I'm going to RAMP IT UP.

I'm tellin ya.

so. Today's business consisted of going to the sewing studio where our pillows are sewn down the street, packing them up, and hauling them across the street to the Fedex, then I carry the remaining ones  4 blocks down the street to my best friends at the post office!

And that concluded the Stitchtagram portion of my day.

Then I came home, put Mad About You on (i plays on FXX now!), organized castings, cut off sprues, and vacuumed! Oh, and i PUT A BEEF STEW UP IN THE CROCK POT BEFORE I LEFT THE HOUSE.

Honestly, not the most productive day. And now I'm watching Mindy and eating a yogurt.

So. There's that.

I also made some fun new saturn necklaces!

I also got new blue glasses from! And a hair cut!

That's it! BYEEEEEEE

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Today's Craft

Happy new year and all that!

It's too cold to do anything or go out tonight, so I'm settled in with Netflix, cereal, and hot chocolate.

Today looked like this:

I went to Target and got all sorts of christmas tissue paper on sale for packing orders, along with a $5 plain white mirror, and some new tape. And I made this!

It took approx. 5 seconds. I highly recommend you all go out right now and do it.

Then I watched Guilt Trip on Netflix (a true delight), Lovelace (terrifying) and now I'm starting season two of Carrie Diaries on Hulu.

You got a problem with that?

I guess at some point I'll make some new jewelry. But until then, it's hulu and hot chocolate! 

What are you up to on this chilly evening? Is it bedtime yet?