Friday, July 30, 2010

Scenes from an apartment

Some new stones I just got that I'm rarin' to make into rings!
Our hutch, one of my favorite parts.
From right: glass coke bottle we got from the World of Coke in Atlanta three summers ago on a massive road trip, that is always displayed in every apartment we get.

A Turkish tea set I picked up in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

A glittery shaker from Crate and Barrel that I never used.

A big, beautiful yellow gnome pitcher.

Tiny bottles of Jim Beam (not mine!)

A pretty vintage vase that I think I put a flower in once.

Our new awesome table we picked up from an art fair! The top if made from a piece of old barn wood.

Where the magic happens! My little work shop! It looks so messy and un-magical, but it's pretty magical. Sometimes.

Happy weekend!

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