Monday, July 12, 2010

Spray Paint!

My mom got me a darling little, albeit it ugly, end table from a garage sale for $3.00. I loved the shape and size, and decided to give it a new life with some spray paint and masking tape!

First it looked like this (minus the black legs- I already started painting it)

And then, plain black. Which looked pretty sharp!

And then..

Ta-dah! what do we think? I figure if we get the bright red couch from ikea it would look snazzy next to it to keep drinks on. First I spray painted the whole thing with a glossy black, and after it dried, covered the top with strips of masking tape going in every which way. Then I spray painted the whole top a bright red, peeled off the tape, and ended up with this design! Next time I think I'll do gold and black, but I am digging this too.

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