Thursday, October 14, 2010

Emily visits DC

Remember when I went on vacation and my friend Emily posted like, 2 things? Well, she came to visit me in DC this week, and yesterday we had an absolute ball.

First we went to ultra hip Tryst cafe and had my new favorite thing, a Chaipaccino. It's like a latte and a chai combined and tastes like everything I've ever liked in the world. Amazing. As Emily said, it was like drinking a cloud pillow that tasted like Christmas.

I caught Em mid sentence. Mid hilarious sentence.
Note how amazing those drinks look!

Next we went to Dupont Circle to catch a bus to Georgetown, but first stopped in a make-up store. We were drawn in by bright orange nail polish in the window. Little did we know that if we bought the $10.00 polishes, we would get free manicures! and even MORE little did we know, it was part of an effing CVS. It was like Sephora, but if you walked to the back, there was an entry into CVS. I still don't understand, but the nail polish is called POP. And we approve.

And then we went SHOPPING in Georgetown. I know, not the edgiest afternoon. But boy oh boy did we have fun. I tried on a funny flying squirrel dress in H&M.

Then I tried on a shirt that had a really rad back but a really blah front.
I'm so glad sequins are back in a big way.

And then we tried on really funny beard/scarves that I think we should have bought. 

And then I bought these shoes after we spent  maybe an hour making a mess in Aldo.

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