Sunday, October 3, 2010

Workbench Clean-up

Today I took a few minutes to clean up my work area. It was making me nervous. So, for all you curious cathy's out there, here are a couple photos! This is, as they say in Cribs, where the magic happens.

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  1. Hi Rachel! Love your new stuff :) Was looking at your work area and had a suggestion. You might want to buy a piece of the cheap white foam they insulate homes with and lean it again the wall. You can use that as a giant bulletin board to pin up wire, works in progress, finished pieces for pictures, etc. You could even post fabric pieces as backgrounds to get a better sense of how things look. That way the wall of your rental won't be all pocked up. If you end up putting your station in another place or want to clean up for a party, its an easy move too. I love that your getting a lot of magazine play!!!