Monday, July 25, 2011

A long, pictorial tutorial on a failed ring display

I had big plans for this craft, let me tell you. I've been wanting some way to display my rings on the wall, because table top space is scarce in the apartment.

The only problem was that I had zero supplies! And no good craft places around here. So, I used what I had. Cheap, thing cork board squares from CVS. Hot Glue. Crappy scissors. A swiss army knife. Make that two.

So, here you go! Don't get too excited, it's a pretty big failure!

So I started with two cork squares, and traced a smaller square on one.

Then I attempted to cut the square out. 

Then I used a fun Google puzzle pen to draw trace the inner square onto the other piece. I don't remember why.

See? That's what I did. 


Since I don't have any X-acto knifes or none such nonsense, I found Ben's gigantic Leatherman tool. It was a little hard to work with. 

So then I got my smaller, cuter, pinker swiss army knife. Hi puppies!

I mean, hi knives!

I just sort of hacked away. 

And then I realized I needed more distance between the wall and the top layer of cork, so that the rings had room to move into the cork. Why didn't I just leave the two pieces whole, and cut through both pieces, so that they wouldn't flop all over the place in no man's land? Clearly I crafted before I thought. 

I also forgot I had a glue gun, so I used modge podge as a glue, and then used various heavy objects to hold the pieces down. Clearly that didn't work, and then I found my glue gun. And re glued.

And then to decorate it, I cut pieces of glittery pink paper from Michaels! 


Ugh. Gross.

Ta- DA! Maybe the ugliest thing I ever made! And the rings don't even stay put!

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  1. fantastic! for reals though, thanks for posting an epic fail...bc either way, you're a real person, and we all get that crafting spirit maybe before we get the 'lets take a second and consider the logistics of said craft' spirit.