Sunday, July 17, 2011

Clean House

Ah, Sunday afternoon. What a delightful time. This morning Ben and I brought our Sunday Times up to the pool on the garage roof (I feel like a millionaire every time I'm up there). Then we made a fruit salad, went to Target, and came home! The perfect day.

Ooooh what else. My mum was here all week, so I didn't do a lot of jewelry things, but I just got in a bundle of new drusy stones and can't wait to make rings and earrings galore tomorrow! I have mucho orders to catch up on, need to re-order business cards...oh, yeah, I went to a day long event called Buy Young on Wednesday, which was held at the Chamber of Commerce, Cap. Hill, and the White House! Kal Penn talked to us! It was crazy!

I was way out of my league, but Ben's friend is one of the amazing people who organized it, so I was lucky enough to go. So inspiring! It brought together young business owners from all over the country. I sat near the guy who started Wordpress, heard the founder of Gilt Group speak, and became day-long buddies with Todd of I was completely drenched by a tidal wave from a cab driving by along with one of the designers behind Hysteric Haus (I literally had a mouthful of gross street water because I was screaming as the wave came crashing down. I wanted to die.) I hung out with the two gals behind the coolest butcher shop in LA, Lindy and Grundy. A press lady told me my sweater was inside out. You can see the back of my head at 00:30 in this CNN clip!

Anyway, it was a pretty wild day, I'll say that much. I didn't take many pics, but here are a few:

It ended with a reception on top of the Bank of America building! So many cupcakes and cups of wine. Also a great view.

John McCaine spoke. He was funny- said that after he lost the election, he slept like a baby- every two hours he'd wake up and cry. Ha.

A view from the fist Round Table event.

Not the best pictures. 

Anyhoo, that's it! Cleaned up the work bench, completely cleaned up the living room. Fascinating, isn't it?

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