Friday, July 29, 2011

oh hi

On the epic road trip of the summer after college ('08???), Ben, Steve and I listened to a lot of country radio. One song in particular gets stuck in my head often. It goes a little somethin' like this:

I'm just sittin here watchin airplanes, take off, and flyyyyyyy.

And that's precisely what I doing right now. Even though I'm not actually watching airplanes take off and fly because I'm sitting outside under a parking garage waiting for my mumsy and dadsy to come pick me up and whisk me and my big bro off to a weekend in Maine!

Anyyyyyyway. I'm wearing my Ginger Root Lady Tie and big geode earrings and am feelin' prettttty good.  I took this funky picture in these wacky mirrors at Logan.

That's it, honey buns! I'll keep you posted on my lobstah eating and sand hating!


  1. Love that top! Yup yup stylish photo indeed..

  2. i love your colorful outfit! also, my husband and i are thinkin of doing a roadtrip to maine this september for our anniversary. have you been there before? i haven't but curious to see what it's like. hope you're having fun!