Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I cooked!

I made a breakfast that involved ingredients! And nothing frozen!!

My dad has been making it a lot lately at home and keeps telling me to try it. He calls it "Eggs con Tomate" because my family is like, 2% spanish somewhere and we use lots of sort of spanish words with english words, but they aren't really spanish words.

Anyway. Here's what you do:

Take a little, adorable frying pan. 
This one will do. Get a tasty salsa. I used this one:

And then, some spinach! Again, I used Trader Joe's Baby Spinach. 

And Last but not least, egg whites. Again, I used T.J's. And some cheese, if you want.

So FIRST, put a tad of olive oil in the pan. put half the jar of salsa in to fill the bottom of the pan. Layer on a bundle of spinach, pour on some egg whites, layer on some more spinach, sprinkle some cheese, add a dash of salt and pepper. Then, cover, put on low heat, and let it cook!!! Check on it frequently to make sure it doesn't burn. The salsa will start to simmer a bit, but when the whole thing starts to melt and congeal into one pan of deliciousness, then you are done! 


The end.

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  1. Rachel, That sounds easy to make. I will have to try it. I made pasta, basil, and feta last night and it was delicious. BTW...your video is FANTASTIC. I love it! XO Kalaya