Sunday, November 20, 2011

Crazy Train

Crazy town? crazy train? Were both bands? or songs? i dont know. I do know I'm almost going crazy. In a fine way! a great way. still a crazy way though. so much to do! so many boxes everywhere! Boxes filled with boxes! Did I tell you this story yet? I could easily look at my last post but I'm too lazy. I'll just tell it again.

So I ordered my priority boxes from the post office website. They are free, it just makes it easier to have them delivered here than sneak them from the post office. The gruff but kind-eyed post office guy yelled at me once for taking too many. Even though they are free. and I use them.

Anyway. So I ordered them on the website, and about two weeks later, there are four HUGE boxes in the lobby waiting for me. So heavy I can't even lift one. I take the push cart, and lug them upstairs. Oh, and they say BOARD GAME in huge letters on the side. I see on the label it is from the post office, so I think maybe they want to disguise the boxes as board games so they don't get stolen. Then I quickly realize the error in my logic.

Anyway. Horrible, long story short, I accidentally clicked on the board game sized priority boxes. You know, for the grandma's who send out Monopoly for Christmas. And now I have 100 of them. They are so big and heavy. I cried for about an hour. Ben thought I was weird.

In conclusion, I told my post office friends about it (oh, and there's a good chance my post office is going to close. AWESOME). They didn't even know there WERE board game sized boxes. He gave me labels to put on them, to get sent to the post office for them to use. I'm just so lazy to go downstairs, get the cart, put the boxes on them, ask the people in the lobby in the office if I can put them in there so they can tell the mail man to pick them up. oH, WOE IS ME.

So how was that for a sob story? SO LONG AND BORING. I know.  I don't get out much these days. No sir. Lots of pop tarts for me. and latte's. And gossip girl on netflix. My coffee table is completely covered in the orders from my sale. I'll post a picture tomorrow. I also bought a vanilla/pomegranate perfume that was on super sale at urban outfitters that I loved so much, but after I wore it for a day, I keep smelling that smell you smell like when you go eat in a diner or a greasy restaurant. You know? That food smell? Like, a gross hot food smell. Ben has no idea what I'm talking about. I'm terrified it's the vanilla/pomegranate. It came in such a cute roll on bottle. oh well.

so yeah. i also found time to make these:


  1. Crazy train is a song by Black Sabbath! (One that stays stuck in my head for days for some reason). Don't know about the other one though...
    And I understand what you mean about how you smell after eating at a greasy food place, it's kinda gross and lingers in your hair and clothes, but it's still not gross enough to not make you want to go back to a diner some time soon.
    Love the second pendant!

  2. Stuff like that seems to happen to me all the time. Glad I'm not the only one! Your necklaces are gorgeous!!