Saturday, November 5, 2011


Last night we had a cocktail party. It was fun, but I had major anxiety because the apartment was so clean and there was nothing on the tables or floor and I was just nervous about it all. Also, we put the exercise bike and ben's regular bike in our bedroom, and that freaked me out too, for whatever reason. I think I'm getting more neurotic every minute.

I decided to wear a romper (that's shorts!) from Anthro that I've never worn in my life, but I was a hit I tells ya, a hit! I also just bought those tights from a record store next to my post office that I walk by every day and never went into!

 Sadie, my party partner in crime. 

Me and the hubbers.

 Bartender Ben

Anyhoooooooo. We are off to a fancy shmancy bar soon for a friend bday, and I've changed probably 12 times already. I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WEAR.

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