Tuesday, January 14, 2014


hey guess what! i remembered i have a blog, and i'm going to actually blog. Like, maybe every day. I'll finally write about what its really like to run two businesses from home, how to be your own boss, how to not become a hunchback typing on your computer all day on the couch in front of Switched at Birth Episodes.


so, what do you want to know? Do people still read this? I hope so. Because I'm going to RAMP IT UP.

I'm tellin ya.

so. Today's business consisted of going to the sewing studio where our pillows are sewn down the street, packing them up, and hauling them across the street to the Fedex, then I carry the remaining ones  4 blocks down the street to my best friends at the post office!

And that concluded the Stitchtagram portion of my day.

Then I came home, put Mad About You on (i plays on FXX now!), organized castings, cut off sprues, and vacuumed! Oh, and i PUT A BEEF STEW UP IN THE CROCK POT BEFORE I LEFT THE HOUSE.

Honestly, not the most productive day. And now I'm watching Mindy and eating a yogurt.

So. There's that.

I also made some fun new saturn necklaces!

I also got new blue glasses from Bonlook.com! And a hair cut!

That's it! BYEEEEEEE

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  1. Super cute in you're new cut and glasses! And I adore the Saturn jewelry. Very nice work.