Saturday, November 7, 2009

Alternative Engagement Rings

Lately, more and more people have been buying my sterling silver nest rings with pearls as engagement rings.

Exhibit A.

To quote people quoting Carrie Bradshaw, "It made me wonder..." Are pearls the new diamonds? What about CZ's? I may be biased, but I think these are great alternatives for young couples starting their lives together. Inspired by this upswing in alternative engagement rings, I made a nest ring out of 14k gold overlay, which, instead of being solid 14k gold, means that it has a core of jeweler's brass, and a thick layer of 14k gold, which brings down the price dramatically. It is accented with solid 14k gold beads, and a gold bezel. Instead of a pricey diamond, a beautiful Cubic Zirconia is in the setting, which, honestly, is hard to distinguish from a diamond.

Exhibit B.

So, instead of paying thousands on an engagement ring, just spend a couple hundred, and save that moolah for a car, or vacation!
These new, affordable, alternative engagement rings remind me of the beautiful J Crew wedding dresses that are available, (just like the one writer and blogger extraordinaire Joanna Goddard wore to her wedding.) Why spend thousands when you can spend 500 on an equally amazing, if not prettier dress? Hip Hip!

Boy, all this talk makes me want to go to a wedding.


  1. hi, came across your blog cuz my pal from 'deis, sarah brin, posted about your 'stache neck warmers.

    anyway, i want to tell you that your jewelry is GORGEOUS and i totally die for this first ring. it is so, so, so beautiful and i will probably buy some from you in the near future.

    how much was that first one? love it! very intrigued

    hmm. not sure how you will get back to me on email is

    take care!

  2. I LOVE my Aquamarine and micro pave diamond e-ring...It is jawdropping and I get compliments ALL the time! I love the romantic and personal touch of color and design. It says so much about us unlike cookie cutter diamonds. My favorite gemstone e-ring site is Carats & Colors

  3. Both this rings which you made is absolutely stunning. Yes you are right, i also think that these are great alternatives for the young couples starting their lives together and forever.

  4. Engagement rings signify care, sincerity and love between the couple. It is a symbol of promise and commitment which you make with your partner that you will be with her no matter what happens...cheer up!

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