Monday, November 16, 2009

Modmix- Reposted from 2Modern Blog

Organic Cocktail Mix

I love a good cocktail, but hate how all the mixes I ever find are chock full of chemicals and colors. Imagine my delight when I spotted a rack with these Modmix bottles on it while shopping in a co-op the other day. Organic! With flavors like Lavender Lemon Drop, Citrus Margarita, and French Martini, I was tempted to buy all of them. And the bottles! Such beautiful labels. What makes this brand even more wonderful is that it was started and is run by three women:

"Modmix was created by Gretchen Nix, Joni Ryan and Tricia McCracken. All three co-founders share a love for design, organic living and, of course, a finely crafted cocktail. But when they first began on the Modmix journey, they had only a dream, a little cash and a lot of drive. Together they knew that the premium spirits market was long overdue for something new: a luxurious organic cocktail mixer. As Gretchen personally created each signature Modmix recipe, Tricia and Joni joined in with a unique strategy, creating an unforgettable look for the Modmix brand. The result: A product that tastes as beautiful as it looks."

Lavender Lemon Drops cocktails will be on my mind for the rest of the day
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