Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tiger's Milk Bars

You know when you grew up eating something all the time, and then kind of stopped, and it's a distant memory, and you visualize it in your head for years, and then you come upon it again and it's totally not what you remembered it being?

I present to you: Tiger's Milk Bars

1) what kind of name is that? is it supposed to sound appealing?

2)what kind of LABEL is that? did my parents think i was training to be a long distance runner? what did i need such violent energy for? a safari?

I guess those are all the points I have to make. Anyway, now that I'm home, I found a stash in the pantry and can't stop eating them. Even though it's I think 400 calories and should supply me with enough energy to milk a tiger. But it's chocolatey and peanut butter-ish. So who cares?

good night.

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