Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mini Stockings Craft!

In the jewelry store, we are making one of the window boxes feature Stocking Stuffer priced items. Obviously, this requires adorable, tiny, construction paper made stockings. I took pictures of the process. They would be adorable on the wall in little rows. Take a peek:

Materials: White construction paper, red paper, regular scissors, scalloped edged scissors, yarn, needle, thread, glue stick.
I outlined little stocking shapes.

Then, I cut out the shapes!

Then I cut a strip of white paper with the pinking shears, so the top was straight.

Then I cut the white strip into shorter strips the same length as the top of the stockings, or a little longer.

Then I used the glue stick to attach the white parts!

Next, I took the needle and thread and sewed each stocking to the piece of yarn.

Ta- da!

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