Monday, December 6, 2010

Craft Fairs are OVER

Yesterday I set up at the Bazaar Bizarre in Boston. 

It was cold.

And dark.
My table was right by the front door (that was constantly open) and the one light that was facing towards me was out. At least I had the delightful Merriweather Council to commiserate with. 

My blazer was a HIT though. Seriously. If you want to get constant compliments, buy that damned blazer in the post below. 
I'll have some photos up later hopefully. Back to DC tomorrow, having an after work cocktail party at the apartment (more people that I anticipated are slated to attend!)

Lots of new rings and things to list, ayayaya. what a busy month!

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  1. Heyyy girl! Its me danielle im on my ipad so i have no idea if its gunna showup as me or not, but anyway, yeah yesterday was a major bummer, your blazer really is awesome though hahah and so is your work, we didnt deserve to be in that cruel spot! Sigh. I too have so many new things to list now at least theres that!