Thursday, December 9, 2010

Party Hardy!

I love having parties!! We had a little bar which Ben tended, plates of cookies and donuts and cheese and mini hotdogs, and everything went! We made two punches: a champagne ginger sparkler which we made using three bottles of cheap champagne, ginger, sugar, and strawberries. The other one was from the NY Times website, Original Chatham Artillery Punch. Be warned if you make it: it's strong!

Ben singing in the festive doorway.

I tried to take photos of everyone in front of the snow flakes! That there's Emily.

Our "bar" at the beginning, which our hilariously oversized lamp from the Salvation Army. 

Ben dancing in the festive doorway.


My favorite place in the apartment- it's so well decoriated and accessorized! 

Ben sh-sh-shaking up a Blood Orange Manhattan.

Helen and Emily relaxing before guests come.

Jon, shamefully under dressed.

A neat poster we have to hang up.


Ben's co-workers.

Bathroom glamour shots.

Look at that mingling!




Noah on my picture wall.

One of the few non-hideous photos taken of me all night!
All in all, it was a smashing success. At 11:30 after everyone left, I basically cleaned up the whole apartment, which is a true delight to wake up to!

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