Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wrong Number Hilarity

AHHH something so funny just happened.

This guy called my phone 3 times looking for a certain Carissa, and I finally just let it go to voice mail. Then I noticed he left a message, and it said something along the lines of this:

"Hey, Rachel...Sorry, I've been trying to call Carissa. Just wanted to say you sound really cute on the phone, and if you are single in your 20's and are looking for a good looking guy in his 20's, you can give me a call. Not to sound stalkerish, but it's not everyday you get someone on a wrong number who doesn't totally bitch you out. So if you don't feel like meeting someone in a bar, and feel like going out sometime, give me a call. My name's Joe."

How funny is that?????/ I'm pretty sure it's the only time I've ever been told I have a cute voice- which really boosts my self esteem, since I've been under the impression that my voice is especially un-cute!

That's all. I hope you enjoyed the little story as much as I did.

1 comment:

  1. rachel,

    this story is DELIGHTFUL.
    as is your voice.

    give me a call.
    my name's amy.