Sunday, December 19, 2010

Party Time

Last night we went to a holiday party. As always, my sequined blazer was a total hit. Some pictures:

Quit possibly the best photograph ever taken of me. I just got my haircut yesterday and the gal blow dried it all pretty. 


My friend Sadie rockin' the bike necklace and her new drusy ring that her bf bought her.

You can't do much with the mega bike ring other than hold a cup of punch!

Our friends whose house we were at made a ginger bread replica of the townhouse!

Someone brought this creepy pinata...I couldn't stop staring at it.

Andy making his best Grinch face.

Lauren wearing her new honeybee necklace that the above Andy bought for her!
Are you having any holiday parties? I decided they are one of my favorite things. T minus four days until Puerto Rico vacation, and until then some last minute orders!


  1. i love that your friends model all your jewelry. wish i had such talented friends!

  2. hehe they do come in handy!
    ps- loving reading your blog!