Friday, March 25, 2011

Come with me...

...into the dressing room of Forever 21. You're in for a wild ride!

First of all, I went to see the Bill Cunningham documentary by myself this afternoon. a) i love matinees, b) i love going to these kinds of movies by myself. Anyway, it inspired me even more to dress as boldly and wildly as possible. No more walking out the door with a crazy hat on just to turn around when I get to the elevator because I don't want to look like a crazy person! No regrets!

Anyhoo, this may or may not be totally boring. Let's hope it's not.

This dress had a delightful lace back, which is what drew me to it in the first place. Too bad it makes me look like a frumpy 15 year old!

I had such high hope for this shirt! Little did I know the sleeves were strangely slit and the bottom was elastic. 

I must admit I liked this, but decided it was trying too hard to be extra hip. Maybe if it was just neon pink, or just a tiger. It also made me want to screen print my own shit. (Can i swear on this blog? Is it a swear-y kind of blog? I think I just decided it is. Only sometimes though.)

At the time, this was the most comfortable, attractive, and flattering shirt I ever tried on. I was so excited. It had little buttons on the sleeves. But when I went to buy it, the lines were too long. And now that I look at the picture, it is the most boring thing I've ever seen.

So, were you bored to tears? Or was this mildly entertaining? I guess it doesn't matter either way. I mean, I want you to like me, and read my blog, because sometimes I'm funny. 



  1. You're hilarious! Love the way you write. Swear-y blogs are O.K.!

  2. thanks!! i just went to your blog and love it! love that drusy ring you made!

  3. :) I enjoyed reading your blog, Rachel. (That's my oldest daughter's name, as well, who, btw, just got married a month ago!) Anyway, I'm thinking of buying your small honeycomb necklace on while it's on sale, but I started researching you and found the little cloud necklace with a lightning bolt coming out of the bottom. Sigh. I can't decide now. The sale one, or the not-on-sale one. ?? :) Have a great day!