Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In my head

I have this Neko Case song stuck in mi cabesa.

And I made these today:


And this ring reminds me of some sort of talisman, or something a fortune teller would wear. I really like it! It makes me want to start a line of talisman rings. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.

Ooooooh, what else can I tell you. I'm on a major Seinfeld kick, which is good because it is ALWAYS on a channel. And I decided I much purchase turquoise and gold nail polish, and paint all of my fingers one color, and just one on each hand the other color. (Thanks for the tip, Emily!) But seriously. Gold and turquoise is where it's at.
And then I go to NYC on Thursday! So excited!!! A jewelry class!!!!!!!!!!! I've never taken a class before! 

Soon I'll be a flush setting pro!


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