Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crafty Endeavors

Let me tell you something.

I used to be crafty.

Like, crafty crafty. I'd make pouches to hang from my bed to put socks in, I'd screen print shirts with freezer paper, and I'd sew purses from scraps of purses. Hell, I had Craft Corner (much to my suite mates' chagrin) in my suite in college.

And now? 

No sewing machine, no glitter, no nothin'.

So, I'm bringing crafty back, babies!

Tomorrow I'm heading to the Paper Source. Not sure what I'll get, but hopefully they will be pretty, crafty things! 

 I also want to make something to hang all of our beer openers on (we have a nice little collection growing).

Anyway, that's my story. 

(I made that!)

Any craft ideas?


  1. oh dear old craft corner.
    i got a sewing machine a few months ago and i love it.i'm currently sewing sashes to wear in the st. patty's day parade!
    where did yours go?

  2. loved the craft corner. also loved the newspapers we kept on the floor for our hamsters.