Monday, August 1, 2011

well, gangalang

here I am again, at the airport. What a hoot! My flight was supposed to be taking it is delayed until 7:10. Main was a delight, here is some proof:

Brother Doug emerging from a dip.

We had lots of lobstas.

The beach was very crowded, and made me realize I am not fond of beaches. 

I like rocky beaches though!

Me and Dougie making funny faces.

That's it! We were in Ogunquit mostly, in case you are familiar with the great state of Maine. We took a day trip to Portland, which I do indeed love. Andddddd, what else. Obviously I made sure to get to the Kittery Outlets, where I bought a long J Crew skirt that turns out to be a strapless dress, and a handsome nautical cardigan from Barbour (for $10!!!!). When I become a millionaire I will be sure to buy a green peacoat from them.

Ok. I guess I'll go be that weird person drinking a beer by themselves at an airport bar.

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