Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crazy day

Today, my friends was a crazy day. It started off great, I got free sunglasses with my contacts, got all amped up on coffee...

And then Sadie came over and yada yada yada, I was showing her shoes I ordered for the wedding (which I hope fit)..

And lo and behold, the couch starts shaking! And the tv starts wobbling!! and it doesn't stop! So, we open the door (which was slightly jammed), and sprinted down the stairs. I didn't even have shoes on, I left the apartment door wide open, no phone, no nothin'. I never ran so fast. I honestly thought the building was crumbling. 

Earthquake! Crazy stuff. 

So after wandering around dazed, with everyone asking everyone in the street if they had cell reception (which they didn't), we went back up, had water and frozen strawberries, and then had drinks on a rooftop of a bar. Here is Sadie wearing her pair of silver heart studs in her second hole (darling).

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