Monday, August 15, 2011

down to BUSINESS.

So, things are getting a little kooky around here.
But first, here's a picture of my and Molly's knees that a) look the same and b) have funny faces in them.


1. Must send out a rush order for a super honey knuckle ring, which I have to make. Right now.
2. I need to print all sorts of labels for packages but am out of ink.
3. I need to put together a medium sized wholesale order for a DC store.
4. I need to finish this mug of coffee. I put some sugar in it this time, and it's SO MUCH EBTTER.
5. I hate that I need sugar in this stupid coffee.
6. The apartment is actually disgusting. The hall light is out, and I can't see anything to clean in there. And it's a mess. So I need to call down and have a man come up and change it for me. (It's really hard to change!)
7. Oh, I'm getting married in less than a month?
8. We need to write the Ketubah (the Jewish marriage agreement vows thing)
9. I need to figure out when I'm going home to do everything else for the wedding.
10. I pray to god that my oxygen tank for the torch doesn't run out today.

OKAY. is that so bad???? yeah it kind of is. but not really. ok. what do i do first?? WHAT.

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