Friday, August 26, 2011

Lazy Friday Morning

Well, not too lazy. I went to the Post Office, and joined the panicked masses at Safeway. I bought loads of hurricane essentials, such as Annie's Fruit Snacks, Sun Chips, pears, and refried beans.

And milk?

And then I listed this necklace:

And for breakfastlunch, I made coffee, and ate it with a strawberry toaster thing (Nature's Path, my addiction).

I also took a chocolate mik, to make a mocha. Or something that resembles a mocha. Either way, I got this super amazing gif out of it:

Hah. Why does this please me so much??


  1. huge fan of those triangles and that gif makes me giggle.

  2. Bikes? And triangles? TOGETHER? Fantastic! Oh, and that gif is rocking my evening...

  3. Your Jewelry is amazing! I am starting my store I hope that I can work with you very soon!!!! Love the pac- man ring =)