Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mocha Ring

I just finished a ring made out of silver and a pretty purple gem stone from an old class ring, called spinel. I set it upside down so that the round, faceted side is facing up, and made the prongs! My very first prongs. I'm so very proud. Also, I was in a coffee shop. So that's an iced mocha it's on top of. An excellent mocha, at that.


  1. I love this ring! I mean, I love ALL your rings, but this one is ultra awesome. That shade of purple is perfect, and it looks so cool being held by those prongs :)

  2. Your jewelry is so amazing!!! Everyday I look forward to checking your postings to see if there's another lovely piece :) My old class ring was stolen when my folks home was broken into. I never missed it until now! The stone was a lovely light blue spinel.

  3. Stunning!
    I have to say, I LOVE your designs.

    Beautiful and inspiring:)