Thursday, April 8, 2010

Play ball!

Last night Ben and I stood in line for about 3.5 hours outside of Fenway, along with a couple hundred other people, for "day of" ticket sales (which means they are cheaper). It was a hot day of almost 90 degrees, which made for some fantastic people watching, so I didn't mind sitting on a curb for a few hours. The way it works is that they start to allow people in at 5, and you have to go into the stadium when you get your ticket. The game didn't start until 7, so we had two hours of sitting in our seats, eating hot dogs, and again, people watching (my favorite part!). It was fun watching the stadium go from light to dark.



1 comment:

  1. Awww! I love this. Me & my Ben would have such a blast at sox games. People watching and shenanigans! Makes me miss Boston.
    I love that everyone loves baseball there, from townies to hispsters- the bleachers are a riot.