Thursday, June 3, 2010

Blu Moon

I am so excited about my newest engagement ring! I feel funny calling it an engagement ring, though, because it is also just a wonderfully fabulous regular ring.

It's especially great because the band is sterling silver, which makes it way more affordable than if it were white gold!

In other news, I'm too full from eating wings in this great place near UMass. Now we're watching the basketball game (go celtics?). By we I mean Ben. By watching I mean I'm sitting in the same room as the tv.


  1. Hi dear
    You are very boon gifted who get the fortune to wear such a beautiful Engagement Rings ..

  2. I too desired something more meaningful and exotic than a solitaire diamond could convey so I opted for a 5ct. radiant cut aquamarine solitaire on a bed of .5 micro pave diamonds. It is absolutely breathtaking and only I have this particular ring (which I love). My birthstone in amethyst which I also love but I’ve always been drawn to aqua’s…They just take my breath away when I see them. My friend has a gorgeous lavender spinel as her e-ring! Diamonds are SO cookie cutter! Check out