Sunday, June 6, 2010


One of my best gal pals recently bought a Hairagami. I had the pleasure of trying to figure out how to use it on her. The results:

I couldn't get it to make a regular bun! It's like a slap bracelet---only two, connected, with a floppy gap between them. Confusing, I know. In any event, I kind of like that wacky flat non-bun bun.


  1. If you weren't already able to figure it out, the way to do it is to turn it so that it closes around in a circle -- so rather than snapping it closed when it's flat against the head, you turn it until the edge is against the head and close it up or down and let it wrap in a circle on itself.

  2. omg i used to have one. thank you for reminding me of their existence :)

  3. hahaha i'm all about the Spin Pin's now!