Friday, June 11, 2010


hello world of the web!!

thanks, rachel, for the introduction. like she wrote, we have been, and continue to be besties, since we were wee-ones, so it's my ultimate pleasure to fill in for her while she's off gallivanting around the world. im excited to see pictures of the trip, especially any that feature her cute new bathing suit or awesome 'greek' dress.
i realize there's probably a shmancy fancy way to link her earlier posts about these 2 things here, but im brand new to the world of blogging, so bare with me. and for your sake, scroll down a bit and see what im talking about. what lovelies!

for now, check out this new crib mattress by Nook Sleep Systems:
It's called the Pebble Mattress and it looks so comfy cozy! The mattress itself is completely textured, with those pebble-like bumps spread randomly throughout. It also comes in lots of bright colors! Check 'em out:

Now, i should warn you. I do not have babies, i don't have nieces or nephews, i don't have friends with kids (close friends, that is). but what i do have is a job at a baby store. so though crib mattresses may not be at the top of your list of cool, hip items, they certainly are for me.

more interesting things to come (hopefully).

Bon Voyage Rach! Bring me back something bright and colorful and Turkish!

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