Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Thank goodness my roomie put her foot down and booked us both haircuts for tomorrow. It's been about 7 months since my last one (which really isn't that long compared to the 6 years I went without one previous to December). See, I had dreads for about 6 years; well, I had them first for about 2 year, took a year, or so, off, then did them again. I'd been craving a change, and so in December went from zero to hero and cut 'em all off.
I've been sporting a short, feminine do since then, and have really liked it. Man oh man is it nice to have that hair off my back all the time. It's so quick to wash (though I still wash it only 2 or 3 times a month), and looks good with clips, hairbands, or even nothing at all. But my hair grows fast, and it grows THICK! For being so short, it's getting pretty heavy, and with June already in it's second half, the time has come to shorten (again), thin out (again), and drink some more free Momosas (again).
We'll be going to Shag ( Check out some of Rachel's earlier posts about her adventures there with our other BFF Daniela.
For now, check out the 3 styles I'm gonna bring in. The first one is what my original cut was modeled after. I like the femininity of it, but am nervous about keeping it that long on top again.

These 2 are new pics. The short, short one is what I want, in all honesty. But I'm nervous it won't work for me, and will make me look like a boy.

The second one seems to be a compromise between the 2; shorter, but not boy short:

Keep in mind I don't put ANY product in my hair EVER.

Now, PLEASE share your thoughts...



  1. Hi Emily! Crazy, I just got my hair cut today. 13 inches off... It's way short for me! Good luck with your cut. I like the third one.

    Anyhoo, I just nominated Rachel for a blog award, The Sunshine Award. If she wants to pass it on, there are details on m'blog. Have a super weekend :D


  2. I love Shannon Sossamyn's cut in the first picture. I would kill to have hair that short. Mine is so fine and flat I would have permanent helmet head :P I guess everyone wants someone else's hair :) Enjoyin the fill in posts and let Rachel know to enjoy the trip for us!!!!