Sunday, June 20, 2010

Greetings from Samos!

Hello long lost friends! Emily, did you get your haircut yet? i say you post pictures of way before (dreads), after (first cut) and now! yah yeah yaeh. I'm on a computer in the lobby of a hotel in a hotel on Gagou beach on the island of Samos, and boy is it hot. Also beautiful. I can't wait to post all of my pictures when I get home! Hopefully I'm getting somewhat of a tan. At least I'm not burnt yet. I tried to post a picture fom the internet but everything is in Greek and I don't know how :(. I won't even say it's all greek to me, so don't worry. oops.

anyway, emily, it's back to you! i hope everyone is having a good beginning to summer! Anyone else on adventures?



  1. Hiya Rachel :) Emily is great and yes I can't wait to see all the hair pics (dread pic pls). Enjoy your trip!!

  2. What happened to Emily's hair???? I'm dyeing (dye get it??) to know!

  3. Emily... Hello.... hello... anyone there???