Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Boozin is up, fancy style

Tonight I met Ben at the Capital for a Craft Distiller Convention. (I don't have the exact name right now and am waaaaaay too lazy to get it).

As such, I'm writing this post from an ever so slightly tipsy state. We went early as the "media" and it was such fun! Imagine a college career fair, only instead of it being in a big gym, with boring companies giving out highlighters and hard candies, it was in a Caucus room, and had dozens of really cool craft distillers! Whiskey, gin, rum, everything. It was very neat, and there were some pretty spiffy label designs. (fun fact- did you know that Vermont has a good amount of craft distillers? Not just beer! Who knew! I tried a vodka made from honey that was DELISH). 

Anyway, I wore a bright orange Anthropologie dress (see above) not really knowing what kind of event it was going to be.

As you can see, the majority of people were in navy. The occasional gray, sometimes a light blue. You can imagine I stood out like a ripe mango. One of the whiskey distiller guys said I was a nice pop of color!

This guy was super nice, from Vermont. We were just walking around leisurley sipping whiskey, which I can't really drink without making a squinched up face, even if I try not to. I hid it as best I could. 

This guy was cool too, and I really llike the bottles. 

This was a delicious honey flavored liqueur  made by the Jagermeister people, called Barenjager. Did you know jagermeister means Master Hunter, and Barenjager means Bear Hunter!
They mixed it with orange juice and rum, I think, and it was absolutely scrumptious. 

 I didn't get to try this one, but I loved the bottles.

They even had Martha Washington's Rum Punch!

This was our last drink before we decided it was time to leave.
The end.

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