Monday, May 9, 2011

yes, it's me

I'm back, baby. I feel like every other minute I'm coming or going on a train to Twist Fair in Northampton, even though it's really only happens twice a year. And this train ride coming back to DC (which is about 6 hours) was full of tears. Don't ask me why, but I always get emotional on the train. I don't mind the length- there isn't wireless, so I sort of revel in the relaxing. I have to either sleep, read, or watch a movie on the computer. This trip back I didn't watch anything, but just read Ice Queen by Alice Hoffman, which got me good and weepy. Every other second I had to turn my face to the window and silently sob. The guy next to me must have thought I was a lunatic. And whenever any kind of song came on the radio that mentioned anything at all, really, I'd get misty eyed.

ANWAY. What's new with you? Any good weeping lately?

I have a ton of orders to do and am waiting on a ton of supplies sooooo it's going to be an anxiety filled couple of days. And I just have a couple tiny squares of solder. Yikes. We'll see how that goes.

At Twist, I became the happy owner of a Fling robe. I'm wearing it right now. Those ladies look like they are having fun.
So. that's that. 

All I ate today was a weird peach green iced tea, almost an entire full sized bag of sweet potato  and beet chips, a container of gummies, and half a tuna sandwich.

And now I have a stomach ache but also kind of want a little scrambled egg. What to do, oh what to do? 

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