Monday, May 16, 2011


Oh man oh man.

So, for those who listened to the song below, I recorded an even BETTER version complete with egg shaker and ukelele!! I'm in the process of making some kind of video to go with it, so the original version will have to satisfy you for now.

Today went by in a blink! I made 3 heart rings for orders, and 2 new drusy rings. And struggled with iMovie to make some kind of respectable video.

I am crazy about this stone- it's naturally green, and pretty rare, and is a form of garnet called Uvarovite! Pretttttttty. 

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to ask about that ring with green stone. Where did you get that idea? I have a ring from my mother and from her mother... so that ring is probably pretty old. :D
    The ring looks like this: silver, in the midle one big green stone (don´t know what it was and never will, couse it fell off and got lost), 2 red stones in a shape of heart. I just wanted to know if you by any chance know something more about stuff like that.
    Thanks :)