Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lordie lordie lordie

So. yesterday I wrote and recorded a song, and after many hours of confusion and fruit leathers, I think I figured out how to post it...i had to make it into a video, and while i could have done something cute with like, puppets and fruit bowls, i just filmed myself sort of keeping rhythm and playing with my don't pay attention to the video, just the song! and don't really pay attention to the song either? anyway. here goes nothin...

In other news, I am still waiting on solder, which is a good excuse to do non jewelry things. My work area has never looked so clean. I did laundry, I spent hours designing a sticker to get ordered to put on boxes, then decided just to get a customized rubber stamp from Etsy (can't wait to use it!). I ordered some stones I needed, and some other supplies. So in other words, I spent lots of money without making anything. But you gotta spend moolah to make moolah, am I right??


  1. i love your song! i'm currently in the process of setting up my little metal smithing work area...soooo...i may even join you in a duet soon haha

  2. This is wonderful. Simply wonderful.