Sunday, February 13, 2011


Alas, no new video to post yet. Tomorrow I'll make one, I promise!

So much is going on! This Friday is the opening of the pop-up shop Temporium in DC, where I'll have some things, and Saturday I'm doing a trunk show of sorts at Sugarhouse Day Spa in Alexandria, VA, which I'm excited/nervous for.

I reaaaaally want to buy new clothes for both, but I'm sticking to my clothing fast!! Not buying any new (or used) clothes for as long as I can hold out. We'll see how long it lasts...

Anyway, some pretty pictures for you.

I will never get bored of making these darlings.

Yes, this was a ring a few days ago. But I liked it more as a necklace :)

This is a little vintage necklace that my jeweler-dad made in the 70's! It's vintage Pfeffer!

I made two of these for earrings at first, but loved the idea of having them as petite little pendants.
That's all folks!!

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