Tuesday, February 15, 2011


B-Boy is asleep (it's his early week at work).

I'm watching the news (????). Not the important news, news about escalators out in metro centers. why don't i change it?

ok, the office is on now.


I have to make a pair of swinging man earrings tomorrow to send to Austrlia..i'm nervous!!! those are tricky little devils to make.

Anddddd....IndigoSilverStudio very kindly pointed me in the direction of this, a website called Alibaba that aparently sells mass produced factory-made products in China. And they have my bike ring!!!

When Char at Indigo messaged me saying that she "recognized my ring" on the website, i just assumed it was someone from alibaba writing in broken english being like yo, i'm "recognizing" your ring on my website and using it and there's nothing you can do about it.

which didn't make much sense, but i thought they somehow hacked into her Etsy and messaged me from there? For some reason? Like I said, not very logical. And I wrote back thinking I was talking to some guy over in China saying "kindly remove my ring." And char wrote back saying I can't, just wanted to let you know.

She must have thought I was a bit of a crazy craze.

So that was just a confused few minutes.

But still, what the eff? ????? if they start popping up in forever 21 we're going to have  REVOLT on our hands.

but i dont think i could ever not go to forever 21.

anyway. sleep! bye~


  1. wow, that is a bummer.

  2. BOOOOOOO CHINA BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO :( That sucks. I would make as big a stink as possible. We need an email for Alibaba so we can send complaint emails. Your designs are the diggity bomb and should remain your creations!!! Booo China Boooo...